We Tried It: The Sakara Life

Photo courtesy of Sakara

Photo courtesy of Sakara

When we first heard about Sakara Life, the pricey, plant-based meal delivery service that’s available nationwide, we weren’t surprised to learn that A-listers and Victoria’s Secret Angels swear by it.

The whole Sakara brand is strikingly beautiful—from its fans to the preparation of its 100% organic, plant-based, gluten-free meals right down to its packaging and website. After a pretty indulgent month at Kismet Magazine, we were longing for a reset. And as people who most certainly don’t follow a plant-based or gluten-free diet, we were curious to try its signature program to find out how Sakara lives up to its “life-changing nutrition” claims.

Photo courtesy of Sakara

Photo courtesy of Sakara

The program

The menu changes weekly and breakfast, lunch and dinner are selected for you. Our meals were delivered just in time for the work week ahead. We ordered a three-day plan which contained breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next few days, as well as “beauty” chocolates, probiotics and detox tea. Full disclosure: Work events involving food popped up throughout the week that affected our ability to fully commitment to solely eating Sakara for three days and as a result, some meals were enjoyed later in the week. So while we can’t report on the total effects of a true three-day experience of the Sakara Life, here’s our thoughts on the meals itself as it relates to taste and convenience.


Photo courtesy of Sakara

Photo courtesy of Sakara

The menu

Clean eating and a plant-based diet isn’t something we’d readily choose on our own volition, but if it tasted anything like the Sakara meals, we might be singing a different tune. Most of the meals were uber tasty! You could tell they were made with high-quality, fresh and totally good-for-you ingredients. Some meals looked unappetizing and bland at first glance, but we were quickly proven wrong much to our surprise.

The Prosperity Pad Thai looked like it would be bland when we immediately saw the bed of lettuce until we discovered the kelp noodles hidden beneath the lettuce and mixed in the super creamy peanut dressing. It could have used some crunchy elements for texture but the dressing was so good, we hardly missed it. The same could be said for the Earth Bowl that also looked like it would be a flavorless grains and greens salad, until we mixed in the peanut sauce and discovered a heaping amount of avocado coated in seeds and grains. This one shockingly held up well in the fridge; we ate it a few days after it was supposed to be consumed. A clear winner in the lunch and dinner categories was the Wild Mushroom Pasta. Hard to imagine this was plant-based! The menu description even noted that this dish is served at Sakara team retreat—wildly popular even among its creators. And in the breakfast category, the Chocolate Love Muffin took home top prize. Decadent and totally sweet and flavorful, we couldn’t believe this was plant-based because it tasted like a sinful salted caramel chocolate cake you’d order off the dessert menu. Here’s the full menu of our 3-day program:


  • Chocolate Love Muffin with Superfood Caramel

    • Superfood Spotlight: Cacao to get your blood flowing for energy and trigger endorphins, while magnesium melts away stress

  • Detoxifying Chicory Yogurt Bowl with Coconut-Cacao Crunch

    • Superfood Spotlight: Chicory offers inulin to feed your microbiome

  • Sakara Glow Granola with Pink Silk Mylk

    • Superfood Spotlight: Berries for beauty-boosting antioxidants


  • Prosperity Pad Thai

    • Superfood Spotlight: Kelp is rich in iodine for proper metabolism and thyroid function

  • The Earth Bowl

    • Superfood Spotlight: Heirloom Greens for gut-healing fiber, glow-boosting vitamins and phytochemicals that fight disease

  • Protein Power plate with Golden Tumeric Flatbread

    • Superfood Spotlight: Grene lentils contain insoluble fiber to enhance digestion, iron for energy, manganese for liver detox and folate for fertility


  • Red Beet Burger

    • Superfood Spotlight: Beets to support your liver in eliminating toxins

  • Wild Mushroom Pasta with Black Truffle Oil + Sauteed Spinach

    • Superfood Spotlight: Black Truffle for micronutrients like vitamin C, manganese and iron

  • Medicinal Mole Tacos

    • Superfood Spotlight: Medicinal mushrooms to boost immunity

Photo courtesy of Sakara

Photo courtesy of Sakara

The verdict

We totally appreciated the Sakara Life’s style of eating that allowed us to reimagine clean eating. It’s expensive so we highly recommend gauging your level of commitment to stick through the plan if your goal is a true detox. A detox wasn’t the case for us, but it did make non-clean-eating diners like us rethink the whole plant-based diet thing. It’s worth it if your goal is to reset your eating habits and also enjoying healthy and tasty options.